Teacher/Counselor Responsibilities


Teacher/Counselor Responsibilities

HAS Teachers in Rocket Park

Thank you for your interest in serving as a counselor for HAS, High School Aerospace Scholars.  The application period will open in February 2015. 

Prior to your arrival at JSC, you should:

  • review the website to familiarize yourself with the Texas High School Aerospace Scholars project
  • complete the on-line Travel Form due TBD, enabling you to apply for mileage reimbursement or if you choose to fly, NASA will arrange your flight.
  • review the mentor and co-op biographies for mentors and co-ops participating in your week

While at JSC, you will be responsible for:                                     

  • mentoring a team of 10-12 high school juniors from across the state of Texas while they develop a space mission
  • helping the NASA mentors facilitate the on-site team research projects based on the on-line activities focused on engineering, science and math
  • enforcing the student rules and dress code during their week at JSC
  • staying at the designated hotel during the duration of the program
  • chaperoning the students at all times, including, but not limited to, while onsite at JSC, on field trips and tours, and at the hotel at night
  • evaluating student performance and the program as a whole
  • exemplifying good and professional behavior as a professional educator of the State of Texas
  • abiding by Rule §247.2 Code of Ethics and Standard practices for Texas Educators of the Texas Administrative Code. 

All expenses are included (i.e. travel, lodging, transportation and food) while at JSC.  In addition, you will receive a stipend.

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